Rhwyd Arall

Rhwyd ArallMore and more of working class young people are being de-registered from secondary education. As people outside the responsibility of the Local Education Authority, they are receiving very little, if any, education at home.

Rhwyd Arall is a response to this.

The project is funded by Children in Need for 3 years, the BIG Lottery for 5 years, and the Garfield Weston Foundation for 2 years.

Emplying two part-time workers, the project uses the Sustainable Livelihood Approach to maintain or-re-start the young persons’ education with the Gwynedd and Isle of Anglesey Local Education Authorities.

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Sylfaen Cymunedol Limited, 14 Stryd y Porth Fawr, Caernarfon, Gwynedd, LL55 1AG

Phone: 01286 677117 | Email: info@sylfaencymunedol.org